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Parker Dental Center's In-House Membership Program

Save significantly on your dental treatments by joining our in-house discount plan at Parker Dental Center!

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Our In-House Discount Plan

How The VIP Discount Plan Works

Our VIP Discount plan is relatively simple! Much like Netflix or other subscription services, you pay a low monthly fee to become a member of our program. Once you and your family join, you can save hundreds or even thousands on your yearly dental costs. It's a perfect way to save money on dentistry without having to get dental insurance!

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The Dental Insurance Alternative

What Makes The VIP Discount Plan Different

No limits/maximums on treatments

No waiting periods/lengthy approval processes

affordable plans for the whole family

eliminate stressful insurance claims & Pesky Insurance adjusters

Truly Family First Dentistry

Plans Available For The Whole Family

We know that your family comes first, which is why we offer affordable family plans as well as plans for couples and individuals!

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Parker Dental Center's Affordable Plan

Why you should choose the VIP discount Plan

We created our in-house plan to help families like yours ensure they get the oral healthcare they need. Included in our VIP Discount Plan are huge discounts on preventative dentistry because we believe routine checkups and cleanings are the best way for you to save money on your oral healthcare.

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