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Protect, restore, and cover your broken, damaged, or worn teeth with the dental crowns our professionals at Parker Dental Center have for you.

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The Most Versatile Treatment Option

Dental Crowns, What Are They?

A natural appearance that does not detract from your smile is often a priority because, over time, your teeth can lose their shape or size and become damaged. This can occur for various reasons such as decay, injury, or simply wear and tear. A dental crown is a "cap" placed over a damaged tooth to restore its strength, shape, size, and improve your oral health and appearance. They typically don't require special care over time besides good oral hygiene.

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Dental Crowns

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Fix broken, worn & decayed teeth

Acts as a protection for your repaired tooth

Realistic, natural appearance

Variety of material options depending on budget

Dental Crowns

The Experts You Need For Your Dental Crowns

Thanks to the fact that dentistry has come a long way since the old days, today, our professionals can offer you a wide variety of options to suit your individual needs and create the most amazing cosmetic transformations. Dental crowns provide incredible practicality in their use, and at Parker Dental Center, we can fabricate crowns that will benefit your smile. Contact us today and schedule your appointment with the experts!

Dental Crowns

Custom Crowns

When cemented in place, dental crowns completely cover the entire visible portion of a tooth at and above the gum line. Because they can be made of metal, porcelain, resin, ceramic, or a fusion of porcelain and metal, they are versatile, durable, and similar in appearance to natural teeth. You can regain your dream smile with custom-made dental crowns that fit your teeth perfectly.

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