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Easter: A Dental Hygiene Perspective

Discover the impact of Easter on dental health and learn tips from Parker Dental Center on maintaining good dental hygiene during holidays. Schedule your appointment now!
5 Min Read

New Year Dental Care Tips for Travelers

Discover essential dental care tips for travelers, including preventive dentistry, cosmetic treatments, emergency preparedness, and more. Maintain a healthy smile on the go!
5 Min Read

Understanding Dental X-Rays: What You Need to Know

Improve oral health with dental X-rays, which offer crucial insights into dental issues. Schedule an appointment with Parker Dental Center today!
5 Min Read

Treating a Toothache at Home

If you're experiencing a toothache, you're not alone. Toothaches are a common dental problem ranging from mild to severe pain.
5 Min Read

How to Choose the Right Toothpaste and Mouthwash for Your Needs

Choosing the right toothpaste and mouthwash is essential for maintaining good oral health. Consider your needs and preferences, and consult your dentist for guidance.
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The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is a safe and effective way to protect your teeth and maintain good oral health. It strengthens teeth, prevents tooth decay, is safe and affordable, and is recommended by dental professionals as part of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine. At Parker Dental Center, we offer fluoride treatment as part of our comprehensive dental services. Our team of dental professionals can provide you with the care and treatment you need to maintain good oral health and a healthy smile for years to come.
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Parker Dental Center Celebrates Halloween 2022

In dentistry, we never say "never," and neither do we at Parker Dental Center. Instead, we encourage our patients to try moderation in sweets.
5 Min Read

Braces or Clear Aligners: Which is better?

Getting that perfectly straight smile is an exciting event, but from the moment braces are put on, the orthodontic patient imagines the day they are taken off. Today, more than 4 million American children and teens receive orthodontic treatment, so chances are you, or your child is one of them. It is estimated that nearly 75% of children and adolescents have tooth spacing or alignment problems that require treatment with brackets and retainers. So what's the difference between them?
5 Min Read

6 Tips for Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

A toothbrush is one of the most effective and time-tested tools for keeping our teeth and gums healthy. But have you ever wondered that while brushing our teeth, a toothbrush helps us remove bacteria and food deposits from our teeth and gums, but then it carries the same germs from our mouth afterward?

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