Sedation Dentistry - Parker, AZ

A dental experience without fear or anxiety

Our sedation dentistry options are great for people with dental anxiety or those undergoing lengthy treatment.

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Sedation Dentistry

We know that going to the dentist is often a challenge

People with dental anxiety are often afraid to visit the dentist and receive treatment. The reason is that the treatments are nerve-wracking; however, sedation dentistry has saved patients from discomfort. When patients have anxiety about pain or going to the dentist in general, sedation dentistry proves to be a comfort zone as it is meant to provide relief and calmness to the patient.

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Sedation Dentistry

Advantages of sedation dentistry

No fear or anxiety during treatment

Receive the treatment you need

reduced to little pain during procedures

Reduced feelings of anxiety & nerves

A Comfortable Solution To Your Dental Worries

Lose Your Fears And Relax While Restoring Your Dental Health

Our goal of sedation dentistry at Parker Dental Center is to help people with a high fear of the dentist, anxiety, pain sensitivity, relaxation issues, or a sensitive gag reflex. We want you to relax enough to receive treatment comfortably and safely, making otherwise stressful and frightening dental treatment more accessible. So do not wait to contact us for the smile of your dreams!

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Sedation Dentistry

The best options to suit your needs

At Parker Dental Center, our professionals are trained to provide sedation dentistry through various medications and methods to achieve the precise level required for a patient's needs and the treatment to be performed. 

Sedation is available on three levels: oral sedation through a pill taken before treatment; nitrous oxide or laughing gas; and intravenous (IV) sedation during treatment. Undergoing sedation is appropriate for patients of all ages, including children with special needs or with difficulty lying still during treatment.

Now everyone at home can overcome the fears and anxiety that going to the dentist provides and dare to regain their smile without pain.

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