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Dental care at the right place

Accidents happen, and knowing what to do or where to go can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

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Emergency Dentistry

professional dental help when you need it most

You may have had an accident riding a bicycle or been the victim of a physical altercation that resulted in some of your teeth being dislodged. Accidents happen all the time. You could even say they are a part of life. Many people find themselves in situations where their teeth or oral cavity have been injured in one way or another. You can prevent long-term damage and regain good oral health with a quick and immediate response from dental experts and the proper treatment.

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Services That You May Require

The help you need for the Emergency you have

Extreme pain in a tooth, teeth, or jaw bone

Bleeding that won't stop

Knocked-out, broken or displaced teeth

Damaged or lost restoration (filling, crown, denture, bridge, etc.)

Emergency Dentistry

Works Hand in Hand With Your Regular Dentist

Some oral health problems can't wait until your next routine dental appointment. At Parker Dental Center, we provide emergency dentistry with immediate dental care when you need it. At his office, Dr. Shamos ensures you receive quality dental care when you come in with a dental emergency. Because if emergencies are not treated urgently, your overall health can suffer. So in case of urgency, do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

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Dental Care At The Right Time

In dental emergencies, time is essential

It's scary when you realize something is wrong with your teeth. Abscesses, infections, unusual swelling, extreme sensitivity, or numbness; these scenarios can be described as a dental emergency that needs urgent medical attention and care. While prevention with good dental care is the best way to preserve your oral health, knowing what to do or where to go when an emergency occurs helps prevent long-term damage.

Dental accidents are common and just as important as medical emergencies. Therefore, it is critical to seek emergency dental help when an accident occurs to save teeth and preserve health. The right treatment at the right time can be the difference between preventing a bad situation from getting worse and having a healthy smile.

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