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Meet Dr. Roxana Imanian, DMD

Dr. Roxana Imanian is an expert dentist that has spent over a decade in the dental field, she has an extreme devotion to teeth, and it's undeniable! Her integrity, passion for dentistry, and attention to detail have made her one of the highest rated dentists in Arizona.

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Get To Know Dr. Roxana Imanian

Dr. Imanian has always enjoyed learning about biology and the arts of dentistry. She enjoys the challenges of being a dentist and providing world-class oral healthcare to her patients at Parker Dental Center. When she was young, she was always fascinated by science and art, which led her to fall in love with dentistry. As her family and friends can attest to, she is genuinely in love with teeth, and it's undeniable. What Dr. Imanian enjoys the most about dentistry is improving the quality of life of her patients and enabling people to reach their maximum potential in life by giving them a beautiful and healthy smile. She feels it's an honor to be a part of the dental profession.

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Years of Training and Expertise

Dr. Imanian's background

Before moving to Parker, Dr. Imanian spent most of her time in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon graduating high school in 2006, she attended Arizona State University for her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. After graduating from Arizona State University, she decided to go to A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona and went through their prestigious Doctor Of Dental Medicine (DMD) program. Now that she is working as a full-time dentist, the learning hasn't stopped! Dr. Imanian still always seeks new knowledge in the dental field and is an active American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA) member.

Dentistry With A Personal Touch

Dr. Imanian's philosophy of care

"I believe that dentists we have to take time to truly understand our patient's needs. It is important to me that we take time to get to know each patient on a personal level. We must take the time to understand each patient's background, needs, and desires to help them accomplish their oral health goals."

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Dr. Outside of the office

When Dr. Imanian isn't working with patients at Parker Dental Center, she enjoys spending time with her significant other and family. They enjoy the outdoors, fitness, and reading. As her friends and family will tell you, Dr. Imanian also enjoys spending her spare time continually learning and improving. She is always eager to learn the latest and greatest about dentistry, and it's something that she truly enjoys.

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